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How to Make Delicious Large-Batch Sangeria - No Juices added!


This is a delicious red wine overnight sangria recipe. I got this recipe from my mom's friend from Chili many years ago. Every time I host a huge party I whip up a big batch of this incredible sangria and it goes faster than I can refill the punch bowl!


Cut-Up Assorted Fresh Fruit

Make sure to include citrus fruit with the peel on, the peel has plenty of juice and flavor.

1 Bottle Red Wine (Something not too heavy like Pino Noir)

1 Cup Brandy

1 Cup Triple Sec

1-2 Cinnamon Sticks Lemon-lime soda

In a large bowl or container add fresh fruit and cinnamon sticks. Pour booze over fruit and seal. Store somewhere cool for several hours or over night. During this time the fruits will release their own juices into the liquor and the liquor penetrates the fruit. The next day mix well and taste. Remove cinnamon sticks. serve the sangria in a either a punch bowl with ice and lemon lime soda on the side or in pitchers 1/3 filled with ice, 1 part sangria mix, and one part lemon-lime soda.

Try different combinations of fruit and liquors for different flavors and wines but be sure to add citrus and a few cinnamon sticks! :)

Tell me about your combinations!


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