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Event Staffing

In need of staff for your next party? Let us take care of the service and bar at your next event! Even create one of a kind cocktails tailored to your event!

Serving 18$/h

This can range from serving canapes , to a full course meal. As always servers are expected to bus and keep the space clean and organized. Depending on the situation the servers may also perform some back bar tasks.

Basic Bartending 18$/h

Service of wine, Beer, Soft, Basic Cocktails (speed rail bartending)

Alcohol not included.

Cocktail Bartending 21$/h

Service of wine, Beer, Soft, Basic Cocktails (speed rail bartending), classic and classic cocktail bartending. can include "signature cocktails". Ask us about custom cocktail menus for your events!

Alcohol not included.

Team Leader 24$/h

For events large enough for a team leader, there will be team leader to oversee and be responsible  for the service and bar portion of the event. The team leader will be the primary contact between the staff and client/event coordinator.

Event Coordinator 30$/h onsite

For larger events with many components, they will often need someone to oversee the event and ensure each department is running smoothly and on time. The event coordinator will oversee and be responsible  for the entire event. Often there are meetings before hand in order to prepare the event coordinator for the event, subject to cost.

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