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GW Happy Hour Kits June 2020

Tropical Dragons Breath

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Gabrielle Wicha's June Happy Hour Kit instructional video! This months happy hour hit has daiquiri and margarita mixes!


Tropical Dragon's Breath

Sweet Chili Rim

Daiquiri - 2 Oz rum or

Margarita - 1 1/4 Oz Tequila AND 3/4 Oz Citrus Liqueur (optional)

2 oz Dragon's Breath Syrup

1/2 Lime


Step 1 – Empty either some Sweet Chili Rim provided on a small plate.


Step 2 - Slice the lime to create a wedge. - on how to slice lemons and limes!


Step 3 - Use the lime wedge to wet all around the rim the glass, and while wet, slowly roll the rim of the glass through the rimming mixture.


Step 4 - Put ice in a shaker and 1/3 full, and add:

2 ounce Rum (Daiquiri)

OR 1 1/4 Oz Tequila + 3/4 Oz Citrus Liqueur (Margarita)*

2 ounce Dragon Breath Syrup

Squeeze 1//2 Lime


Step 5 - Shake with ice for about 7-10 seconds.


Step 6 - Strain or dirty pour into rimmed glass


Step 7 - Garnish with a candied lemon slice and lime wedge if desired.


*If you are not using citrus liqueur, add a little more tequila to keep the balance! The other drinks in the kit! 

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